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A Guide to Shopping for Designer Handbags in Toronto

Are you looking for your new go-to handbag? Click here for a guide to shopping for designer handbags in Toronto to help you find your dream bag.
A Guide to Shopping for Designer Handbags in Toronto

Before you leave the house, you likely check to make sure that everything's in your purse. Your keys, wallet, credit cards, cash, and cell phone are just the tip of the iceberg. Many people also carry food, water, medication, lip balm, jewelry, headphones, and... well, the possibilities are limitless.

It's important that you keep your things safe while wandering around in style. That's where designer handbags in Toronto come in. Read on to learn the ins and outs of buying a handbag the right way.


Choose Something That Suits Your Style

Accessorizing is one of the best ways that Canadians can make themselves stand out. Everything you wear, from your hat to your handbag, is a way that you express yourself. This can help you feel confident, create top-notch outfits, and enhance your aura of sophistication.

That's why you need to choose something you like when shopping for handbags.

Neutral Hues

Neutral hues like black, white, and gray are ideal for many people. These tones are versatile, and you can pair a single bag with any number of outfits. If you like to dress in fun colors or wear funky patterns, minimalistic neutral bags let your outfit shine without detracting attention from them.

Brighter Colors

Some people prefer a brightly-colored handbag that stands out and makes a statement. Women with a bold sense of fashion may enjoy our Bella Fuschia design. It's minimalistic, but the hue is a bright red that will stand out on any occasion.


Choose the Right Bag Type

When choosing a new bag, it's important that you select the best type to fit your needs.

Gentlemen tend to prefer an over-the-shoulder strap. Our Duncan designs are ideal for men because of their long detachable straps. Combine this with the neutral tones, vertical-style rectangular shape, and premium neutral-toned leather, and you have a stylish bag that also exudes masculinity.

Women tend to prefer either a cross-body or handheld design. That's why all our Bella handbags come with two strap lengths.

You can use the longer strap for a secure cross-body bag that keeps you safe from theft or loss. The hands-off style doesn't just keep the bag close to your body - it also makes it easier to carry, especially at crowded events.

The shorter strap attaches to the purse so that you can carry it around as a stylish handbag. La Coutts luxury handbags are versatile, so one bag can be tailored perfectly to fit every occasion.


Opt for Quality

Quality is just as important as aesthetics when it comes to handbags in Toronto. 100% leather bags can last up to 100 years. As long as you engage in proper leather care, a La Coutts handbag can be a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Both Bella and Duncan styles also come with multiple storage compartments. This allows for seamless organization of all the items you carry around each day. Quality doesn't just mean durability - it also means a better experience with less fumbling and searching.


Prioritize a Thermal Design

La Coutts bags come with a unique feature: their thermal insulation.

In addition to the compartment for for phones, wallets and keys, there's also a large insulated one. This means that you can carry temperature-sensitive items around without worrying that they'll go bad.

Fresh snacks like fruit, cheese, and salami will stay good all day so that you can munch regularly and stay fueled. You can also keep beverages like water or soda bottles cool.

The thermal design also makes the bag ideal for carrying around medications. Traveling with insulin can be challenging, and 8.9% of Canadians have diabetes and may require it. It's important to keep it secure so it isn't lost, but it also may not work correctly if it gets warm.

A thermal purse means that individuals who need insulin won't need to carry around a separate bag for their necessary medication. It can slip right into the same bag as other daily items.


Look in the Right Places

Once you know what to look for in some of the best leather bags Toronto has to offer, it's time to begin your search. Those in Canada can shop on our website and enjoy free shipping on all orders. We also ship internationally to many locations, though shipping costs will vary.

If you live in the US, we also have some good news: La Coutts will be at the PGA Show in 2024. We're specifically showcasing our new Golf collection of designer handbags designed for golfers. Two La Coutts bags will fit perfectly side by side in a two person golf cart basket and ahear to PGA, or Professional Golf Association, torunament carry dimension restrictions. 

However, our bags are so versatile that even those with no interest in golf can benefit from a visit. We're happy to sell you the cross-body Bella and Duncan bags that so many shoppers love.

This event takes place in Orlando, Florida. It spans from 23-26 January, so you'll have the opportunity to come and look at all we have to offer.


Find Quality Designer Handbags in Toronto

Now that you know how to shop for designer handbags in Toronto the right way, it's time to start looking for popular purses. Our designers are committed to providing both men and women with stylish bags that have thermal insulation capabilities.

Contact La Coutts for more information about our products and to get assistance choosing the right one for you.

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