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Finding Your Fit: How To Get the Most From Leather Bags, Toronto

The right leather bag can be an accessory that fits into your life and subtly improves it. We look at what to look for when choosing leather bags, Toronto.
Finding Your Fit: How To Get the Most From Leather Bags, Toronto

If you slip your hand into your bag, there are a lot of different things that you might find. From your phone to bobby pins to first-aid items to a healthy snack, a primary part of bag function is to keep you comfortable regardless of whatever life throws your way.

To meet this goal, you must know how to choose and make the most of leather bags in Toronto. Read on to learn some ways that you can use a luxury bag to its fullest potential.


Find High-Quality Leather Bags in Toronto

Not all leather is made equal. Some types of leather are fake "pleather." These bags tend to be available at extremely low prices, but they're not genuine or authentic.

You're buying a plastic bag that's made to look like something high-end. This means that it won't last very long without getting banged up or torn.

Faux leather also lacks breathability, so some items will overheat in the bag. Plus, the production process for the petroleum-based plastics that it's made from is environmentally harmful.

Real genuine leather costs slightly more, but it's an investment.

Genuine leather can last for decades assuming that you care for it the right way. You won't need to keep buying low-quality bags over and over.

The breathability keeps your precious items safe, and the material itself adjusts to your body temperature so you don't sweat. Plus, the lack of wear and tear means that your bag will keep its value over time.


Opt for Functionality

High-quality leather is naturally more functional than alternatives. However, La Coutts bags go the extra mile with additional features to make your daily life easier. Thermal insulation is one of the best.

Those who require insulin or other temperature-sensitive medication need the ability to carry it around easily. Jamming an ice pack into your purse is annoying, can destroy other items, and doesn't always work. Carrying a second insulated bag is a pain since it's cumbersome and takes up space.

Because our bags have a thermal side, people who need to carry medication can do so easily. There's no need to carry another bag!

Even if you don't need to live with medication-based limitations, thermal insulation can still greatly benefit you. Healthy snacks are a must-have in any purse, and you don't want to be limited to trail mix and granola bars.

When you have a temperature-sensitive purse, you can keep lunch meat and fruit cool easily. This makes it easier to eat on the go whether you're at work or spending a day at the park.

Multiple pockets are another aspect of bag functionality. The insulated pocket isn't the only one. Our bags have multiple storage compartments so you can keep things separate and easy to access.

For example, a mesh pocket is awesome for your wallet, keys, or makeup. You can keep this separate from food and medication that needs to be insulated and stored in a specific way.


Get a Convenient Fit

La Coutts bags are generally part of two collections: Duncan and Bella.

Duncan styles are beautiful unisex bags. They come in vertical rectangle shapes that fit snugly against the body as over-the-shoulder bags. This makes them ideal for fashion-forward men who want to carry a quality leather luxury bag that pairs well with any suit or button-down.

Bella bags are traditionally feminine, though a man could definitely rock one if he were confident enough. These bags are horizontal rectangles that ideally work as cross-body bags.

However, both styles have a detachable leather strap. This means that cross-body and over-the-shoulder fits aren't your only options. You can also remove the strap and carry it as a handbag whenever you want.

Versatility is key!


Choose Your Preferred Colour

Those looking to bring their bags to professional settings frequently opt for neutral tones. Duncan styles come in sleek black, brown, and gray hues. They're perfect for pairing with a suit, pencil skirt, or workplace dress.

They're also great for those who want a simple and sophisticated bag in casual settings. They let the rest of your outfit shine because they don't clash with anything. Plus, they're appealing because they're elegant and mature.

Bella bags come in all of these shades and more. You can get white or cream-coloured Bella styles. The black bags also come with your choice of gold or silver accents so you can get something that pairs with your favorite jewelry pieces.

You can also opt for a Bella Fuscia bag if you want to make a beautifully-bright fashion statement. Bold, stylish women can't go wrong with this pink bag!

Maintain Your Bag Appropriately

Of course, choosing the right bag is only one part of making the most of your new purse. You also need to know how to store it.

Leather bags discolour when exposed to excessive sunlight. You should keep yours in a cool and dark place away from windows. A closet will do nicely.

Don't hang it on a hook, either. Leather is stretchy, and you don't want the handles to stretch out because of gravity.

Leather bag maintenance is also important. Wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth to remove any dust on the surface. Then, use some quality leather moisturizer to stop it from trying out.

If the bag gets wet, make sure that you wipe it down immediately. Use a soft cloth to get any access moisture off its surface. You can keep the cloth inside your mesh bag pocket!

This helps your bag last for many decades to come.


Get a Top-Notch Leather Bag Today

Now that you know how to make the most of buying leather bags in Toronto, it's time to begin selecting the perfect fit. La Coutts is committed to offering Canadian buyers the highest-quality luxury bag options available.

Our bags have a thermal compartment for carrying food and medicine. It provides the opportunity for people who have certain limitations to lighten their load while still looking fashionable. Contact us to learn more about what sets our products apart and start shopping ASAP.

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