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How to Choose Crossbody Bags for Work, Travel, and Play

Crossbody bags are the ideal grab-and-go bag for careers, traveling, and everyday use. Follow this guide to find a bag that truly fits your style.
How to Choose Crossbody Bags for Work, Travel, and Play

With most Americans spending over $5,500 each month, you're probably looking for ways to get more out of what you own. That's where crossbody bags can add a helpful level of versatility to your wardrobe. Adding one of these timeless bags to your closet gives you the perfect — and functional — accessory for any situation.

Read on to learn how to choose crossbody bags for work, travel, and play!


Consider the Size of Your Bag

One of your first considerations with a new bag should be its size. For a good general-purpose bag, go with a medium-size option. You'll gain the functionality of a bag that can hold a tablet, wallet, and toiletries. But it won't look heavy or feel bulky when you wear it to tromp around town.

If you're planning on carrying more materials, such as a notebook or laptop, you might want to upgrade the scale. Students or businesspeople may appreciate the extra roominess of a bigger bag. Just test it out so you know you can carry it without getting tired.

On the other hand, a small crossbody bag can be a convenient choice if your storage needs are more minimalist. Consider the La Coutts Bella Bag for an attractive option that can hold a tablet and other essentials. It has two compartments, one of which is thermally insulated, to help you stay organized.


Assess the Materials

While you're at it, you'll want to examine the materials used to construct a crossbody bag. Consider whether you'll be using the bag for a mix of casual and formal functions as you do this. If you're just planning to use the bag for day trips with your family, for instance, you might be able to narrow down the material choices more easily.

For a versatile crossbody bag that will hold up well over time, you can't go wrong with leather. Best of all, a leather crossbody bag looks classy in just about any context. Look at the La Coutts Toronto Bag to find two models to consider.

Treated leather can stand up to scuffs and scars from frequent use. Plus you'll love the earthy smell, as well as its enhanced pliability as it ages. Leather bags can come in a variety of colors and styles, too, so you can find one with chic modern lines or a more classic sense of style.

For a budget-friendly choice, look at polyester, nylon, or canvas bags. These are all sturdy fabric choices that should hold up well when you're on the move. They tend to be easy to clean, as well.

Be aware that these cheaper choices may exude a more casual vibe. If you need a versatile bag that can be dressed up easily, leather might be the better choice. Polyester, nylon, and canvas bags also may feel heavier, and they lack the breathability of leather.


Check the Straps

Before buying a crossbody bag, check the length of the straps and see if they are adjustable. You also should check to ensure that the straps are thick or wide enough to help distribute the weight of the bag. Ultimately, you want your bag to hit your hip at a comfortable place.

If you already have a bag that you're replacing or you want another bag, measure your existing bag — assuming you like it. Determine the length from the top point where the strap would rest on your shoulder to the attachment point of the bag. Then use this measurement to find another bag with a strap that can match it.

If you live in an area with four distinct seasons, you'll want an adjustable strap on your bag, too. This will give you the flexibility to modify its length depending on what you're wearing during each season. With a La Coutts Bag, you'll have versatile adjustable straps that can transform your bag into a handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody.

When you're wearing chunky sweaters in the fall or bulkier parkas in the winter, you'll need a longer strap to account for the extra materials. Then, when the weather gets warmer, you can shorter the strap length.


Choose the Most Flattering Style

It's also wise to consider your body type as you determine which crossbody bag is the right choice. For a curvier physique, you'll want a bag that complements your curves and hits your body in a flattering spot. You may want to avoid a bag that looks too undersized or bulky, as well.

Are you planning to take your bag to elegant gatherings or high-powered meetings? Designer crossbody bags might be the right style choice. And, depending on the scale and brand, you should be able to find a good option that fits your budget.

Look at the features of any crossbody or designer bags you're considering, too. You might want an interior pocket for smaller items or an outside pocket. Or you may want clasps in a glossy finish versus a more muted one.

You can find crossbody bags with clean lines, neutral colors, and fewer embellishments that will pair well with anything. But if you're hoping to make a statement, choose a bag with unique colors or textures. For example, you might want to consider a chain strap, woven fabric, or pebble finish for a little extra splash.


Find the Right Crossbody Bags

The best crossbody bags offer the perfect mix of form and function to help you look your best. Before you make a purchase, check the materials, size, and strap length of a potential bag. Look for a choice that you can style well whether you're heading to work or dinner with friends.

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